Tetsuwan Atom

Tetsuwan Atom
© Osamu Tezuka Prod. / Mushi Prod.
Anime TV series
01/01/1963~31/12/1963 (Tue) Broadcast time: 18:15~18:45
04/01/1964~31/12/1966 (Sat) Broadcast time: 19:00~19:30
193 episodes (1話完結) / Black and white

TV channel: Fuji TV


Original author: Osamu Tezuka
Production: Mushi Prod.


Title Performance Lyrics Music Arrangement

OP1 "Tetsuwan Atom"

(Instrumental)   Tatsuo Takai Ogawa Hirooki

ED "Tetsuwan Atom"

(Instrumental)   Tatsuo Takai  



Atom: Mari Kiyomizu (ep. 97~106 Kazue Tagami)
Prof. Ochanomizu: Hisashi Katsuta
Uran: Yôko Mizugaki (Reiko Mutô, Kazuko Yoshikawa)
Cobalt: Kiyoshi Komiyama
Hige Oyaji: Masaaki Yajima
Prof. Tenma: Hisashi Yokomori
Police inspector Nakamura: Shinpei Sakamoto
Police inspector Tawashi: Kôichi Chiba (Shingo Kanemoto)


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ep. #1

Dr. Tenma, Director General of the Science Ministry, loses his dearest son Tobio in an accident, so he decides to create the robot Astro Boy, who looks like Tobio, using the best of the Science Ministry's technology.

ep. #2

Franken, who has been classified as an inferior product at the robot factory, harbors a violent hatred for humans. As a result, humans begin to say, "We cannot trust robots," and even start to persecute the good robots.

ep. #3

Astro Boy is appointed leader of an exploration to Mars. Lieutenant Cap, who has to work for Astro Boy, however, rises in revolt against Astro Boy because he does not like the idea of robots ordering humans around.

ep. #4

Many cities fall one after another due to a huge group of monsters called "Guernica." Astro Boy fights against Guernica to save the people.

ep. #5

Astro Boy is captured by a gang of thieves looking for treasures hidden in a Pyramid, and he tries to destroy the beast of the god Sphinx, which has a lion's body and the face of a beauty.

ep. #6

Skunk steals the invisible robot Denko that was made of paper glass, and releases prisoners from jail. He wants to use Denko in order to build an empire of gangs...

ep. #7

A swarm of aliens who look exactly like specific earthlings such as Dr. Ochanomizu and Higeoyaji immigrate to the Earth from a planet very similar to ours. However, a food shortage occurs, and humans begin to attack the aliens with cell-reducing fluid.

ep. #8

Dr. Ochanomizu is taken away to the country Gorgonia, where he finds the Dictator Hillar's plot to conquer the world with a cloning machine, which is also a ghost-manufacturing machine that can make endless copies of any objects.

ep. #9

A group called Black Looks sets out to exterminate robots, and they attack in succession. Astro Boy begins to fight against them.

ep. #10

Astro Boy lands on an unknown planet, where he finds the tomb of a female leader of an expedition and a stupid but faithful robot Ivan that guards the tomb.

ep. #11

A boy who comes from the future is looking for his father, who has gone to capture ancient creatures and has never come back. So Astro Boy and the boy depart for the ancient world in search of the boy's father.

ep. #12

Dr. Serizawa is an escaped convict trying to steal the underground resources of Cross Island by using the robot Puke that can transform itself into anything. He is planning to run away on a rocket. Astro Boy follows the man to Cross Island.

ep. #13

A priest has marked one of the eyes of Jesus in the church before he dies. This seems to be a clue to the identity of a gang that had broken into the church. Now the same gang starts to go after Higeoyaji, who has discovered the gang's secret.

ep. #14

Suddenly an artificial sun appears. It is a threat to the world from the gang Kaito Kinsankaku. Astro Boy sets out to destroy the gang, together with detective Sherlock Homespan.

ep. #15

A flying disk from Planet Alfee is busily collecting water from the Earth. Astro Boy learns that they are collecting water for their hometown because it suffers a water shortage. Planet Alfee, however, had already been ruined...

ep. #16

The vehicle "White Planet" participates in the Round-the-world Grand Prix, but a gang breaks it to prevent it from winning. So Dr. Ochanomizu offers to load White Planet with Astro Boy's artificial intelligence.

ep. #17

"Robot Land" is a theme park where robots dressed as the main characters of children's books entertain children. In its underground factory, however, slave robots are forced to make weapons.

ep. #18

A gang tries to smuggle the robot Gadem, which begins to act violently in a passenger boat. Then Astro Boy, who happens to be on the boat, tries to stop them.

ep. #19

The robot Garon, who re-models planets, is transported to Earth by mistake, and humans consider attacking it with nuclear weapons. Astro Boy, however, takes to other means to face Garon.

ep. #20

A "gas man" enters into Dr. Ishizu's body in space, and comes back to the Earth. Then a number of gasmen enter into human bodies, and begin to act violently. Astro Boy challenges these invisible cosmic creatures to a fight.

ep. #21

A member of the cosmic patrol is struggling against gangs. When Astro Boy comes to help him, however, he says that he does not need any help from a robot. He does not know that he is also a robot.

ep. #22

Astro Boy heads for Sea Serpent Island to rescue the girl Anna, who has been captured, but he is also caught. Moreover, Astro Boy's body begins to rust because the island is rich in salt...

ep. #23

A mysterious murder case occurs. Astro Boy happens to be on the scene and is arrested as a suspect. The real culprit, however, is a mutant created by X party, which plans to conquer the world.

ep. #24

Why don't we destroy humans and build a kingdom only of robots? Disposable bomb robots for a submarine kingdom make this suggestion to Astro Boy.

ep. #25

Dr. Jordan runs away from a president who plans to conquer the world. Astro Boy gets on a deep-underground tank with him to fight against the president. But they lose control of the tank and it begins to head toward a volcano.

ep. #26

Atlas has the same kind of power as Astro Boy, but he has an evil heart. For Astro Boy, the fight with Atlas means fighting with his own dark side.
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40.3% (ep. 56)

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