Tetsuwan Atom episode list


ep. #186 (unknown)

Due to trouble with their rocket, Atom and other passengers are forced to land on an unknown small planet. On the planet lives a huge monster that eats plants that grow during the night.
Technical director: Taku Sugiyama, Scenario: Taku Sugiyama
Audience rating: 26%

ep. #187 (unknown)

Atom and Uran visit the Robot Museum. There, Atom finds an empty showcase labeled "Baily." As the name sounds familiar to Atom, he sets out to investigate it and finds that Baily is an important benefactor to him.
Scenario: Arashi Ishizu
Audience rating: 25.4%

ep. #82 (rebroadcast) (unknown)

Atom participates in the Olympic games for robots, where he finds a group of robots destroying other participants in a vicious act of sabotage designed to ensure that they win the games.
Technical director: Yûsaku Sakamoto, Scenario: Yûsaku Sakamoto

ep. #188 (unknown)

Robot Tomson, who has the ability to see through objects, sees that most statues of Buddha in Kyoto are fake. Then Atom and his fellows go searching for the real statues, and get surrounded by a group of long-nosed goblins.
Technical director: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Scenario: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Audience rating: 26.2%

ep. #189 (unknown)

Atom and Uran go to see the shooting of a film. There, they see robots that look exactly like themselves, and take part in the filming after secretly changing places. In the shooting studio, however, stunt robots are treated as harshly as if they were objects.
Technical director: Yûsaku Sakamoto, Scenario: Yûsaku Sakamoto
Audience rating: 22.4%

ep. #190 (unknown)

Atom and his friends set out on an adventure to look for the mystery capital Mesotamia. When they are hit by a sandstorm, they find a hole up in the sky that they think could lead them to the capital. It seems likely that Mesotamia is a civilization created by aliens who came to the earth 2000 years ago.
Technical director: Mitsunobu Narihide, Scenario: Mitsunobu Narihide
Audience rating: 31.7%

ep. #63 (rebroadcast) (unknown)

Dr. Zulu places a bomb in an artificial iceberg and tries to trigger a flood. Discovering the plot, Atom sets out to prevent the explosion, but...
Technical director: Hideaki Yamamoto, Scenario: Ken'ichi Takahashi, Hideaki Yamamoto

ep. #191 (unknown)

Aliens attack a boy and an old man in the deep woods. After Atom saves them, he learns that the boy Roppi and the old man are also aliens. Roppi tells Atom that he is a prince and that he has run away from his planet.
Technical director: Mitsuo Kaminashi, Scenario: Tatsuo Shibayama
Audience rating: 27.8%

ep. #192 (unknown)

A doctor studying the mysteries of eternal youth has built Medussa's mansion. Atom and his friends visit the mansion and find Medussa's box, which contains the secret of eternal youth. When they open it, they find a young man named Siegfried lying inside.
Technical director: Yoshiyuki Tomino, Scenario: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Audience rating: 29.7%

ep. #193 (unknown)

As the temperature of the Earth rises due to the influence of a sunspot, all humans evacuate the Earth and head for space. Only robots are supposed to remain on the Earth, but there is one villain left, and he is trying to seize this chance to conquer the planet.
Technical director: Osamu Tezuka, Scenario: Osamu Tezuka
Audience rating: 23%

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